Frequently asked questions


What is the World Land Trust?

The World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity that focuses on protecting the world's most vital and threatened habitats. Their mission is to conserve biodiversity through the purchase and protection of land, creating reserves that provide a safe haven for wildlife and help combat the climate crisis by preserving natural ecosystems.

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What is the Buy an Acre Program?

WLT's Buy an Acre program purchases land to create or expand nature reserves, ensuring the protection of habitats and wildlife.

This program is especially important in the context of the climate crisis, as it helps preserve ecosystems that are crucial for biodiversity conservation.

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How will my purchase protect the climate?

Your purchase of the Sand Songs funds the protection of half an acre of vulnerable habitat through WLT's Buy an Acre program. The programme preserves existing natural habitats by purchasing land and protecting it for wildlife. Forever.

WLT works with its network of trusted conservation partners all around the world, who have been evaluated and visited to ensure that they have the experience, knowledge and good track record to create and protect wildlife reserves.

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How does land purchasing work?

100% of the proceeds from your copy of Sand Songs goes directly to WLT's Buy an Acre program. With each instrument sold, half an acre of land is purchased for conservation by WLT's network of approved land trusts around the world. When the opportunity arises to purchase vulnerable land, the funds will be used.

This direct link between purchase and conservation makes every sale a meaningful contribution to the fight against climate change and habitat loss.

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How much of my donation goes to WLT?

100% of the proceeds of the sale go directly to WLT.

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How do I buy Sand Songs?

Click here to go to the product page. After your purchase, you will receive an email with your serial code and instructions on how to install Sand Songs via Native Access.

How Do I Install Sand Songs?

Sand Songs is installed and activated via the Native Instruments App Native Access.

You will receive an activation Serial after purchasing Sand Songs via email. Log into your native Native Access account and click on Add Serial. Once your serial has been copied in and added, Sand Songs will show up in your library as available to be installed.

Click on Install,
and Native Access will unpack the library into the designated installation folder. Kontakt will update itself to show your library in the application.

IMPORTANT - This library ONLY works on Kontakt 7.6 OR LATER. It also works on the Free Kontakt 7 Player. It will not show up in any version older than 7.6. Please update your Kontakt instance to the latest version.

Is there Customer Support?

In short, no.

Sand Songs was created as a charity product, and due to the funds going entirely to WLT, it is not possible to have dedicated customer support

The charity is not able to help with installation issues. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your donation to helping the planet.

Sand Songs is quality assessed by Native Instruments to work across all the NI hardware and software ecosystems, so if you follow the installation process correctly and meet the software requirements, your library will work.

This website contains all the information required to install and use Sand Songs successfully.


Native Instruments maintains a comprehensive resource on installing any library within Native Access.

You can find it HERE.

Here are some other solutions to common mistakes made when installing a library.

- Check the spelling of your contact email BEFORE you purchase

- Check your spam in case your activation serial was filtered out.

- Ensure Kontakt or Kontakt Player are updated to version 7.6 or later.

- Sand Songs will not show up on older versions of Kontakt.

- Make sure the serial is copied correctly

Make sure you are logged into Native Access using the account where you have registered your serial. You CANNOT undo registration.

- Make sure the library is enabled to view in Kontakt 7 > Options > Libraries 

- Make sure the library is installed in the correct shared folder location on your computer. This can be set inside Native Instruments globally.